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few doors away. he says for the most part, this is a good neighborhood. there has been a rash of robberies here recently. >> we have a lot of burglaries that we don't have many acults. but they have been picking up, you know, a little bit over the past few years. >> 9news now. >> well, if you think that you won't be affected by that so- called fiscal clift, think again. the washington area will be hit hard and everyone will feel it in some way. the bush era income tax cut will expire for tens of thousands of americans. every person who has a job, they will see the taxes go up as well. at the same time, billions of dollars of spending cuts will take effect. some experts say that combination could trigger the automatic recession. and they are clearly divided on this issue and we need them to solve it. i'm in the kitchen here with peggy fox. kind of a real life demonstration of what this means. >> i'll tell you this is how they describe it. you know, everybody could agree
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that they have been overspending. we have been spending more money than we have. so think of it as being overweight. we need to go on the diet. and well you stop eatingdesserts and you eat sensibly, but that's not what's happening. nobody could agree on what to stop eating. so we're not going to eat anything and they set in motion the worse plan possible and now our diet is water. and what happens when you drink water for 30 days? devastation. when federal agencies are forced to cut9% out of their budget, you could see 6,500 jobs lost. and add to that subcontractor and people who rely on all of that and the total local job loss is nearly $500,000. >> you can't cut back the
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federal government by 9% without finding some impact on every town on every individual across the country. >> reporter: steven fuller says that facilities could be shut down or cut back. the national zoo and smithsonian could cut back hours. you might not get that passport renewed in time for your trip. >> new york city is all, but shut down. >> reporter: and how about the next big storm? >> the weather guys will need to look out the window more often. >> reporter: meteorologists were able to track hurricane sandy using federal satellites. will they still be able to spend what they need? >> satellite controls navigation. that system won't be put in place. >> reporter: we could see the slowdowns at some airports. >> the faa will need to take some controllers out of the towers. they will be selective about how they do that and they said that they would not cut back on the major towers. >> reporter: fuller says everybody will be incon convenienced, but worse? >> just about everybody will
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see their taxes go up. >> reporter: people that work will see their payroll taxes go up and people that itemized won't be able to deduct child care expenses because congress has not continued those reductions. small businesses will lose money because of changes in the inheritance tax. >> we basically lose the gain that we have made and achieved over the last three years. we lose most of the jobs that have been added and we are back to the deficit of the reduction again. >> reporter: when people have less money to spend or have lost their jobs. they don't go out to eat or get their nails done anymore and all those businesses will suffer. >> it will happen unless congress acts to stop it. and so they have to pass legislation that reverses this and the president will need to sign it. >> before? >> yes, before the first of january. >> and so the thinking is that the laying duck congress will meet and decide to push the issue on to the next congress, which is something to give us the buy time here. but it does not solve the
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problem and it can also continue the uncertainty. that's $500,000 job losses for this area. it's huge, it really is. >> we are just hearing that it had is in and he is ordering all agencies to look at their budgets, to cut 4% as a precaution with this fiscal clift looming. to take a look at how they could cut 4% out of their budget. this will affect our area and affect us hard. >> that's right. all right, back to you guys. >> thank you. concerns about that fiscal clift and the european economy sends stocks lower for the second day in a row. today's loss of 121 points makes for the largest two-day drop for the dow in years. mcdonald's, among the notable losers are reporting their first trip in monthly sales. and almost a decade. >> well, two days after the polls shut down, we are still not quite sure which presidential candidate carried the state of florida. and now most of those remaining ballots were expected to be
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counted here today and that they will be blaming a last minute wave. and right now, they node to leave them by half a percentage point. that it will not impact the overall results. and tonight we're tracking what's left of the season's first forester as they move off on the first of may. and in plymouth massachusetts, the snow halloween decorations are still hanging outside. schools were delayed in areas this morning after parts of massachusetts and kentucky receiving as much as six inches of new snow. and clean up from the storm will be a little trickier, up to eight inches of snow fell in areas of hurricane sandy. and that meant even more power outages and freezing temperatures for people living without their heat. >> otherwise, oh no. we have had enough of this. and for this to have it happen
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so soon, it is very frustrating and angry. >> they got back our power last friday and it is back over again. it is very frustrating. >> how they are starting to send those mobile homes into new york and new jersey, hardest hit by the storm. we also learned late this afternoon that they will start taking on gasoline for drivers in new york and on long island as of tomorrow morning. and now we do have word tonight that they will be hoping to have three of their tunnels to new york's penn station back open. they are hoping to restore all their service and the commuter rails in and out of the stations by monday. and that same could not be said of the brooklyn battery tunnel, flooded by about 60 million gallons of water when sandy hit the big apple. it will be the last main artery in and out of the city to get them back open. and they say that the pumps, they will be using them to clear that a minute, but they face the challenges of the water pressure. the ventilation.
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and just plain old gravity. and you can help those struggling to recover from hurricane sandy with just a click of the mouse. log on to facebook and like our view and we will donate $1 to the american red cross, the sandy relief fund. and now on to a 9 news update, they have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in a deadly crash along i-95 in virginia. and the sky bus express, they swerved off the road, overturning last year. all the way on their way from north carolina to new york and four passengers on board, they died. and that driver, they will be sentenced to january, they face up to 40 years. and it is life in prison for jared loughner sentenced today to a shooting outside the safeway in tucson last year. as you will remember, loughner killed six people and wounded several others, including the former congresswoman. and some victims, they addressed the court today, including gifford's husband. the former astronaut who said that loughner put a bullet on their head and they didn't even put a dent in their spirit.
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and in baltimore, police think that it is case closed after a series of violent and terrifying attacks on women. >> i'm scott broom at the conference state university in baltimore. and the neighborhoods say that a pair of predators, they were stalking all the raping and robbing victims. they targeted the west baltimore neighborhood near the university. often targeting the women at bus stops. and forcing them at gunpoint into a gold ford explorer, then taking them away to be raped, robbed, dumped in parking lots. >> and by getting two extremely dangerous people. off the streets. >> reporter: today police in baltimore announced the arrests. >> but the things that they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> the young women were forced into the suv. at gunpoint, driven to the nearby apartment complex.
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in baltimore, scott broom, 9news now. coming up tonight at 7:00, we'll continue our look at america's obesity academic. it turns out that our pets are following our leads. coming up, we'll take a look at a program designed to not pack too much pounds. an update on the colleague, bruce leshan and what he and his family are dealing with after a tree crashed into their home when super storm sandy hit our area. top? temperatures below average. but the wind made it feel much cooler than the actual numbers. 56 and ho will go in the books. we had a trace of snow again in the second row at nationals. records, 81 and 27. we'll come back and talk about the winds going down and temperatures going up. but first a landmark church becomes a scene of a massive traffic jam in potomac. why they might be slowing down to look at it yet again for tomorrow.
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we've got a commuter alert tonight if you travel to montgomery county. and that is because of the bbc, they are filming a movie in a church in that area. and that filming will be expected to run from 6:00 in the morning until 6:00
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tomorrow. look out for traffic again. on metro, the upcoming three-day weekend made somestations. they will be closed on the orange line, so the buses will replace trains between the east falls church so the crews could work on switches at the ballston stations. and that will be closed, and they will also mean some single tracking so you want to make sure to leave plenty of time to travel on metro. so do you tweet? twitter is dealing with an accidental reset on the passwords. they said that the mistake happened during the routine security check up. they were sent out to alert you as their accounts may have been affected by this. and they said only a small number of their tweeters had the problem. still ahead, brides get a little help finding that perfect dress for their wedding. we know this can be pricey and we're going to take you to the local shops helping them out. that's coming up.
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[♪...] >> female announcer: some dreams are universal... dreams that inspire us. multiple sclerosis is a devastating disease that changes lives forever. the national ms society does more for people with ms than any organization in the world. this is why we're here. because nobody dreams of having multiple sclerosis. call 1-800-fight ms.
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gone, but certainly not forgotten. christopher stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya killed by the terrorist in september. and tonight, he'll be honored at the common ground awards here in d.c. and those rewards recognize the outstanding accomplishment resolving the conflict and building peace. his sister will accept that reward on the brother's behalf. the secretary state, they will deliver remarks, eluding their
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diplomatic career. serving in the military can be difficult enough of a call to duty. but some women trying to double that, they were planning a wedding, getting a little help to do it. i'm surae chinn in manassas, virginia, where brides across america will donate the wedding gowns of their dream to the military bride. and in the meantime, she is searching for the one. that's the one? all right, it's yours. >> these beautiful dresses have been donated by different companies and brides. and they cost anywhere from $1,000 on up and these military brides, they get to take them home for free. >> i'm not comfortable. the air force captain is hoping for the perfect fit. >> this is it. it's pretty tough over there. >> reporter: she just returned from afghanistan. her third tour of duty. >> i'm just so thankful that
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somebody is actually seeing the service that a lot of us women did. >> reporter: she stepped off the battlefield, concentrating on walking down the aisle. >> and your mom was crying. >> they do it every time. >> reporter: in manassas, virginia, surae chinn, 9news now. >> moms cry and the brides beam. people are still trying to recover from super storm sandy. >> we'll be following bruce as he rebuilds. >> i'm learning a lot about how to come back after a huge tree nearly destroyed my home. i'm hoping what i learned will help some other people. a week ago i lived in a forest of these views. but all around the neighborhood now, they are buzzing, the cranes, they are lifting thelogs out of people's backyards by neighbors that are
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all scared that what happens to me might happen to them. so they are taking out this tree right now later in the afternoon, this one will come down. luckily my wife, they decided to ride out the storm down in the basement, because this was my bedroom. they convinced me that my friends and neighbors are the best ever. they help me move into this house just a few blocks away. >> my wife and my kids, they are all thinking that this sun room will be a real nice place to spend the winter in bethesda, 9news now. >> and his wife made a great call as you talk about this all the time. not to try to weather the storm on the second store. and boy, she made the right call. >> yes, it was 40 times that night and it was serious. >> people could get low and think, you know, it's not very bad here. but it takes one tree. >> it could fall after the higher gusts occur. that's another thing you don't
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think about. and that will be pretty sweet. let's start with a live look outside. the live weather cam. the high was only 56. now downtown we're down to 51. clear skies. look at the dew points in the teens. that's low. that is a dry air mass that you will be able to walk across the carpet tonight and shock someone or you can. north-northwest at 17 are the winds. they are still up there, gusting a little bit over to miles an hour -- over 20 miles an hour. and you can see it to the clear sky. that's good. meaning good weather for us for the next four days. still pretty good rain across maine, back into massachusetts and gusting back to 64 miles per hour. in the suburbs of new york, both in new york and connecticut and out west of new jersey. anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow fell. that's insult to injury. the only effect now from the
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nor'easter is the wind able to subside by the middle part of tomorrow morning. the temperatures primarily in the 40s. and 48 in great falls. 47 in fairfax and 49 in berk. and also in college park and 47 in bowie. so you factor in the winds and it feels like it is just 40s, feeling like 41 in manassas. dress for the 40s. if you go out late tonight, dress for the 20s and the 30s. the winds diminish slowly, still breezy tonight, dress for the 30s and the 40s early. a chilly start on friday. a good jacket for you and a milder finish on friday. you might end up carrying the jackets home, but that will be okay. low temperatures in the 30s, 10 to 20. the next three days, green, green, green. and why wouldn't they be? 60 tomorrow, 65 on saturday. 70, yes, 70 for you on sunday. next seven days, the heart walk
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on saturday. ravens are at home on sunday. perfect. and veteran's day on sunday. clouds will come in late. rain and showers on tuesday and a little cooler next week, but that's not so bad. >> we're going to chill out and love this weekend. >> yes, we are. >> good stuff. hey, it's an exciting time for pro sports in d.c. >> not just rg3, but the nats and the summer and now another playoff team. they don't want to realize that. but is round one. with a tie, round two with mother nature. so it is round three for all the marbles. d.c. united from making snowmen, trying to win a game, trying to make good after a five-year hiatus from the second season. and this guy, david johnson in the middle of the contract talks and the manager of the year races, certainly knows how to relax. i will explain coming up next.
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